Mug Shots

If your Senior Photo was NOT in the yearbook, we’d like a copy for your name tag – or even if you’re not coming to the Reunion for historic purposes. To jog your memory – if your name is below, we do not have your Senior Photo. Please send your photo to Deeann (McCracken) Gammill (deeann.gammill at

Leslie Allen      
Jamie Alwine      
Lee Arenovski      
George Ballou      
Stephan Berry      
Payton Bissell      
Lucky Blackwell      
Charles Blessie      
Oscar Bojarquez      
Jeana Boucher      
Kathryn Bresnahan      
Joseph Brooks      
Chris Brossman      
Linda Brown      
Jacqueline Buechner      
Scott Burris      
Ilana Byarse      
Kenneth Cantrell      
Earline Carr      
Cindy Clark      
Alex Clemmons      
David Coulston      
Richard Cox      
Tammy Daly Raschke     
Patricia Davidson      
Thomas Dion      
John Duran      
Michael Estrada      
James Flynn      
Mary Garrett      
Mary Ann Garrido      
John Gasson      
Donald Gates      
William Gilmore      
Dale Green      
Richard Grzegorek      
Patti Guttry      
Beverly Hall      

Henry Haros      
Edward Hayes      
Deabbra Haygood      
Karen Hegeman      
Susan Holcombe      
Deborah Holladay      
Leslie Horvath      
Lynn Howie      
Donald Johnson      
Roland Jung      
John Kennerson      
Kenneth Korsak      
Anthony Laidlaw      
David Larimer      
Gloria Lopez      
Humberto Lopez      
Lily Luckett      
Elizabeth MacDonald      
Susan Macgregor      
Patricia Martinez      
Thomas McDunn      
Donna McGaw      
Phillip McMillian      
John Milk      
Patti Miller      
Shirley Mohr      
Antoinett Munoz      
Jamia Munoz      
Terry Nevitt      
Kenneth Nieman      
Michael Norris      
John Orr      
Joseph Paladenic      
Martin Palagi      
Rod Parrish      
Phillip Patterson      
Samuel Paul      

Camillia Pierce      
Daniel Pinard      
Joseph Pineda      
Jerome Pipkins      
Jesse Pleas      
Perry Ramsay      
Miname Reed      
Becky Rogers      
Weslyn Royce      
Catherine Ruterman      
Thomas Schaff      
Tatjana Schmitt      
George Schneider      
Sharon Searles Lee     
Diana Smith      
Gary Sowers      
Richard Stewart      
Kenneth Swearengin      
Chet Teel      
Dale Thomas      
Lynn Thompkins      
Michelle Thompson      
Robin Thompson      
Ofelia Tomes      
Mike Valentine      
John Valenzuela      
Chau Van      
Hoc Van Ho      
Vivian Vich      
Nancy Wade      
Cheryl Walton      
Norma Ward      
Lisa Whitfield      
Brook Wilcox      
Patricia Wilks      
Viki Williams      
Deanah Wright      

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